Elly De La Cruz is the Future of the MLB

The Cincinnati Reds are having a surprisingly good season in 2023. They currently are in first place in the NL Central and have October in their sights. But there is one young player on the Reds who is making a name for himself as the future of baseball. That player is Elly De La Cruz.

Elly De La Cruz
Mandatory Credit: Jess Rapfogel/Getty Images

Elly De La Cruz is Built Like No Other

Elly De La Cruz ranked second on the top 100 prospects rankings in baseball. But in his first 29 games in the big leagues, he is putting on a show like no other. After only two weeks at the major league level, Cruz hit for the cycle. He became the third fastest player to hit a cycle in a career since 1980.

Cruz also hits and runs like no other player in baseball. His hardest hit ball of 2023 was at 116.6 mph, which trails only Aaron Judge by .3 mph. His speed is also lethal on the basepaths. Cruz has been clocked at running 31.2 ft/sec from home to third. That is the fastest sprint speed in all of the MLB.

Elly De La Cruz’s speed is so lethal that in Saturday’s game against the Brewers, Cruz stole home. Not only did he steal home, he stole first and second before that. He did all of this in only two pitches. The power and speed of Cruz is truly something else.

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Cruz is currently tearing it up at the plate so far in his young career. In his first 29 games, he is batting .328/.366/.533 with four home runs and 16 RBI. He is also carrying 16 stolen bases and two triples already.

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