Embiid Responds to Simmons Drama

(Matt Slocum/Associated Press)

Simmons Wants Out

The Ben Simmons offseason drama seems to have made its way to training camp. It’s been reported that the all-star will not return to the 76ers anytime soon. Furthermore, Ben Simmons made it clear to the 76ers front office that he wants out. Those of Simmons’s camp has claimed that the all-star has no more interest in playing with Joel Embiid. In fact, Simmons believes that the organization choosing to build around Embiid is limiting his play style. News broke out over the past few weeks that the all-star is willing to sit out the whole year. Not only that, but many reported that the 76ers will withhold the forward’s paychecks creating a messier situation. With all the drama in the organization, Embiid decided to give his perspectives on the situation. 

Embiid Responds

After Embiid’s response, it’s clear the superstar isn’t pleased with Simmons. Embiid made it clear that the whole organization wants Ben Simmons back. Furthermore, the big man went on to claim, “Obviously, we’re a better team with him, we’re not a better team without him… We still hope he changes his mind….” Clearly, the organization believes in Ben Simmons and wants him back. However, Embiid also had words and opinions about Simmons’s claims. Moreover, the big man stated that the team was always built around Simmons. Even more, Joel claimed that the 76ers got rid of Jimmy Butler to put the ball in Ben Simmons’s hands. Additionally, Embiid claimed they brought in Horford to put more shooting around Simmons. Not only did Embiid tear apart Simmons’s claims, but he also went on to call the situation disrespectful. Above all, this situation has become troublesome and won’t change any time soon.

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