Evan Holyfield Loses Bout Match Against Electrician

Evan Holyfield Loses Bout Against Electrician. Photo Credit: Top Rank Boxing

Evan Holyfield Loses Bout Against Electrician

Evan Holyfield, son of Evander Holyfield took his first loss against Jurmain McDonald. McDonald is known as The Electrician because he works as an electrician when he’s not boxing. You can’t make this stuff up folks.

Evan had come into the bout with a (9-0) boxing record, and McDonald had a (6-5) record. He hadn’t defeated any notable opponent. Each one has his own poor record. Everyone projected that this would be an easy win for Evan Holyfield, but that wasn’t the case.

Evan Holyfield went into the second round and took a right hook to the head, and that’s one knockout for McDonald. Evan said on his Twitter “that was a good shot” and he said he is still setting his sights for becoming a World Champion one day. He’ll have to find another steppingstone.

With the boxing pedigree from his father and all the benefits that feature, don’t rule out Evan Holyfield just yet. He’s not the first and will not be the last great fighter with an unexpected loss. As for Jurmain McDonald, he’s got work tomorrow. If this writer was him, I’d talk about knocking out Holyfield’s son around the water cooler with the rest of the guys.

Taking a loss, especially one of that type can check an ego. A lot of fighters have a way to much ego and if they don’t take a loss, they become arrogant. When a fighter does take that loss, such as Ronda Rousey to Holly Holm. It can shatter them. So if Evan’s future is as bright as his name promises… the memory of that right hook will probably serve him very well.

As for Jurmain McDonald. I’m pretty sure his next opponent won’t sleep on him. This story just goes to show that you should never take anyone for granted. McDonald may not have a good record to his name. But he was good enough to make the professional boxing circuit in the Welterweight division… and that’s better than most people.

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