Fantasy Football Week One: Boom Or Bust

The First Sunday of NFL Football is upon us. As there is a big slate of games on Sunday and a lot of guys trying to prove themselves. As this weeks Boom or Bust is going to be really interesting. Because a lot of the starters didn’t play in the preseason which could cause a lot of injuries. But there are a lot of great games on Sunday. And a lot of games that should produce a lot of points which means a lot of points on Fantasy. Here are my 3 Top Boom and Bust players for the week.

Boom Fantasy Football Week One

1. Christian Mccaffrey

Christian Mccaffrey- Forbes Magazine

First Boom pick for the week may not shock anybody as Mccaffrey should have been the first pick in every persons draft. As you look at him this week expect him to have a big game with a lot of points. As we all know how historically bad the Jets Defense was last season. Also The Jets were 26th in the NFL in defense last season. Furthermore expect Mccaffrey to at least have 25 points at minimum if he stays healthy throughout the game. As the jets defense to me won’t get any better this year as they really didn’t go make a splash in free agency like everybody thought they would. But Christian Mccaffrey this week should defiantly a boom pick this week and get a lot of points.

2. Trevor Lawrence

Yes I know for some people this may be a little too early to be a boom pick. As Trevor Lawrence hasn’t even played a down yet in the NFL this is a kid that has a lot of potential and talent. And this week he will be playing a Texans defense the struggled last year as they were 27th in the NFL. Expect the Jaguars offense under Urban Meyer to be very pass heavy with Travis Etienne’s injury. Trevor Lawrence should 100 percent be a boom pick this week as the Jaguars offense should put up a lot of points up on the Texans.

3. Dalvin Cook

How Can Dalvin Cook Follow Up A Career Year-Zone Coverage

This Boom pick should be no surprise either as Dalvin Cook should 100 percent be a top 5 pick in anybody’s fantasy draft. As expect Cook to have a 1000 yard season easily this year if he stays healthier. Therefore this week Cook’s Viking’s face the Bengals who were really bad on defense last season. Expect the Viking’s vs Bengals game to be very high scoring. And that should give Cook a lot of points this week.

Bust Fantasy Football Week One

1. JuJu Smith-Schuster

First Bust Pick may come for a surprise to some. But with as good as Buffalo’s defense is it’s going to be hard for the Pittsburgh to do anything. Therefore JuJu won’t be getting a lot of points this week as the Buffalo vs Pittsburgh game is going to be low scoring and physical.

2. Allen Robinson

Nov 28, 2019; Detroit, MI, USA; Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson (12) walks off the field after the game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

This is another Bust pick of me week one. As the Bears face an LA Rams Defense that is probably the best in the NFL, the Bears are also not starting Justin Felids. Which to me doesn’t make sense considering how Andy Dalton has struggled the last couple of years. But expect the bears offense to struggle and the Bears vs Rams game to be a very low scoring game.

3. Dk Metcalf

My Last Bust pick maybe a surprise to some but the Seahawks are playing a good colts defense. And I think the Seahawks will not be able to do a lot on defense so I think this maybe a tough week for DK.

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