First Female Boxing Main Event in MSG History

Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano Photo Credit: Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Amanda Serrano faced Undisputed Lightweight Champion Katie Taylor. They fought in the first female boxing main event in MSG History. The crowd was so hot, it was almost like they were watching prime Mike Tyson. It was an amazing battle that needs to be watched.

A Ten Round Split Decision

The pair fought 10 rounds with Amanda Serrano taking a strong lead in the early rounds. However, at around round 7, Katie Taylor started mounting a comeback. Good thing too, since she was the defending champion. Even with the comeback, it was still close. One of the three judges picked Amanda Serrano while the other two picked Katie Taylor.

Both women bled in the match, with Katie Taylor getting busted open several times in her fight. It was a gutsy affair of a struggle towards triumph, and Katie put her shoulder into the grind and saved her championship.

A History In the Hallowed Halls of MSG

MSG is one of the greatest arenas in the history of sports in the United States. It has seen great events in boxing, wrestling, and other sports. It is considered one of the most iconic arenas to ever perform at. To be the first female boxing Main Event at MSG is an absolute honor.

They stand on the shoulders of greats like Bruno Sammartino, Mohammed Ali, and many other boxing and wrestling legends who have headlined the greatest arena in sports today.

Taylor Remains Undefeated

Katie Taylor came into this event with a 20-0 record, with 6 knockouts to her name. Her foe, Amanda Serrano, had 42 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw to her name. With Katie Taylor’s win, she is propelled to 21-0. Her opponent gets only her second loss ever in her career which is over 10 years old.

Congratulations to Katie Taylor for not only defending her title but also making history for women everywhere.

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