Florida State vs Notre Dame Recap

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Photo by Robert Franklin.

#9 Notre Dame and Florida State started their seasons in Tallahassee, in front of a packed stadium that was super loud. It was high scoring and went to overtime with Notre Dame winning 41 to 38. Many exciting things happened during this game. Jack Coan started his first game with Notre Dame and had 366 passing yards and 4 touchdown passes. Mckenzie Milton played in his first game since his horrible leg injury and carried the comeback for Florida State. 

First Half

Notre Dame got the ball first and started the game off hot with a 5 play, 75-yard touchdown pass from Jack Coan to Michael Mayer. Then there were several drives for both teams that were punts until Florida State had a 2-play drive that ended in an 89-yard touchdown run from Jashaun Corbin. The scoring in the first quarter ended there and left it at 7 to 7. 

The scoring in the second quarter started with Florida State and a 4 play, 45-yard drive that ended in a 2-yard touchdown run by Jordan Travis. That was the only score for Florida State in the second quarter. Jonathan Doerer of Notre Dame made a 48-yard field goal. After Florida state scored, their next drive ended in an interception by Kyle Hamilton. The scoring ended in the second quarter when Jack Coan passed to Joe Wilkins Jr. for a 23-yard touchdown. Notre Dame was up 17 to 14 going into halftime. The first two quarters were back and forth, until the second half when things were different. 

Second Half

Florida State started with the ball in the second half. They then scored on a 60-yard pass from Jordan Travis to Ja’Khi Douglas. Notre Dame then came back and scored a 37-yard passing touchdown by Kevin Austin Jr. Florida State’s next drive ended with another interception by Kyle Hamilton again. After that Notre Dame scored a 6-yard touchdown pass to Kyren Williams. Florida State once again throws another interception this time to Clarence Lewis. After the interception, Notre Dame scored a 1-yard touchdown run by Chris Tyree. The third quarter ended with Notre Dame being up 38 to 20. 

The fourth quarter was all Florida State. They started with an 8-yard touchdown pass to Andrew Parchment, cutting the lead down to 10 after the two-point conversion. Jordan Travis’s helmet falls off which made it, so McKenzie Milton got in. Milton drove down the field with amazing plays. They scored another touchdown but this time being a 2 yard run by Treshaun Ward. After that touchdown, It was a 3 point game and Milton did it again and drove down to field goal range, to tie the game. Notre Dame ended the regulation with a Coan interception. It went into overtime tied 38 to 38.


Florida State lost the coin toss and Notre Dame wanted to play defense first. They were able to stop them in 4 plays and make them kick a field goal. There was a called fumble on the field that made the field goal a 52 yarder, but then they challenged the call and it was overturned moving the ball back up. The field goal was only a 37 yarder now but was missed. Notre Dame then got the ball and was able to make a 41-yard field goal to secure the win over Florida State. 

This game was meant for greatness and that is what everyone received. Florida State and Notre Dame had over 400 total yards. They held Notre Dame to only 65 rushing yards but had a hard time stopping the pass. This Notre Dame vs Florida State will go down as one of the best games ever played.

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