FTR Win the IWGP Tag Team Championship!

FTR Win the IWGP Tag Team Championship Photo Credit AEW

FTR Win the IWGP Tag Team Championship at AEW X New Japan Forbidden Door. With this victory, they have become the IWGP Tag Team Champs, the ROH tag team champs, and the AAA Tag Team Champs. They are well on their road to being the greatest tag team of all time. Assuming that they aren’t already seen in such a light.

FTR faced United Empire (Great O’Khan/Jeff Cobb) and Roppongi Vice (Trent Barretta/Rocky Romero). Jeff Cobb & Great O’Khan were the New Japan Tag Team Champs going into the event. The battle was back and forth between the three of them. Dax Harwood was briefly injured out, leaving Cash Wheeler to survive against both teams by himself. He returned near the end of the match. At the turn of the tide.

Together again, FTR managed to secure their victory. Now tag team champions all over the world. FTR’s sights must be eventually set on the AEW World Tag Team Championships held by The Young Bucks.

FTR has won tag team gold in Ring of Honor, in New Japan, in AAA, in AEW, in NXT, and in WWE. They truly have one of the greatest stat collections of any tag team right now. I can’t imagine any team could match them. Not in AEW, not in WWE, not in New Japan, anywhere. They are truly on the roll of a career. I’m sure that United Empire will want a one-on-one rematch. I can’t imagine they wouldn’t want to run that match. It would be a great battle, to run in AEW or New Japan. A three team match is good, but a regular one on one style match between two teams is just an all-time classic. This writer hopes we get that match.

In the meantime, all hail the greatest tag team today. FTR!

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