Gable Steveson Signs With WWE

Gable Steveson
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Gable Steveson has finally made his decision. We have all been waiting for some time now following his gold medal win. Well he has answered all of our questions as he has announced that he will be signing with WWE. This move will not happen though until after the college wrestling season. Gable Steveson has decided to not forego his senior year at Minnesota. He is the defending national champion at heavyweight, so he will be looking to defend that title this season.

Why WWE?

In all honesty, many fans were very hopeful that Gable Steveson would go straight into MMA. Steveson did tease fans by attending a bellator event and tweeting at UFC president Dana White. However, any free agent in Steveson’s shoes would do that. You have to show equal interest or the choice of where you are going becomes obvious. So what made Steveson come to this decision? Ultimately, he is the only one who knows the answer to that question. But most can assume that Steveson is looking to become a big star in WWE, then transition into MMA as an already established name. Fellow alumni and future co-worker Brock Lesnar did the exact same thing, and he became UFC heavyweight champion of the world. So this has been done before.

Don’t Panic MMA Fans……Yet

While this may be unfortunate news for MMA fans, just be patient. While Gable Steveson has made up his mind for now, that is not to say he won’t want a change in the future. There should be no doubt that Gable Steveson is going to be a big star in WWE. He’s got the look, the athleticism, the charisma, the name, he’s got it all. However, unless WWE backs up multiple brinks trucks to Steveson’s house, that itch for MMA is probably never going to go away. That competitive mentality is instilled in wrestlers and athletes like him. Especially the ones who have proven that they are the best. He’s proven it in college, in the olympics, looking to do it again in college. So in the back of his mind, he will probably always have want to try and prove he is the best in MMA.

At the end of the day though, this is the WWE we are talking about. That brinks truck has shown up to many houses before. And if they want Gable Steveson to stay come time that his contract is up, you can count on WWE going all in if needed.

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