Reports: Gangrel may return to WWE at WrestleMania

Gangrel WWE
Credit: WWE

Edge and The Judgement Day have been feuding for over a while now. While, Edge finally has a chance to end that as he takes on Finn Balor inside “Hell in a Cell” at Wrestlemania 39. There are reports that he may get help from a former WWE partner Gangrel.

The promotion has been focused on making this year’s show, the best of all time. With a massive lineup card it may suggest that without any potential returns and surprises. The WWE Universe is looking forward to almost every card on the match, but this matchup could serve to be part of the climax.

Both Finn Balor and Edge have hinted at bringing back their demonic personas with Prince Finn teasing the Demon, and The Rated-R Superstar hinting at a Brood return to old dark roots. If both superstars follow through with this, the entrances may blow everyone away. Edge’s brood entrance is always something to keep an eye on.  However, this time he might be joined by the leader of the Brood, Gangrel himself.

Xero News reported over on social media that Gangrel is set to return at the Showcase of the Immortals to reunite with Edge in his gothic entrance. While, its also being reported that he may also have a spot in the match with Damian Priest.

The last time Gangrel appeared in the WWE was Jan. 18, 2007. Since then he has had two stints with AEW, but has not appeared in the WWE or on script with any other member of the Brood. Fans will remember Gangrel as the vampire leader of The Brood — a faction that consisted of Edge, Gangrel, and Christian Cage. Unfortunately, Christian is not expected to be part of the match or the entrance.

“He’s got his wife; she’s all jacked up. She’s looking great. She’s got his back,” Gangrel said (per Wrestling Inc). “If he wants more though, I’d be down for that. I guess the stars have to align.”

Those stars may be aligning in Hollywood at Wrestlemania.

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