Gardner Minshew Deserved Better

Gardner Minshew
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Gardner Minshew has been traded to the Eagles for a six round draft pick. In a QB competition that seemed rigged from the start, Trevor Lawrence is now the starter. We all saw that coming. He was the number one overall pick for a reason. But, that does not excuse how the Jaguars treated Gardner Minshew dating back to the 2020 season. This situation was handled incorrectly.

What Should Have Been Done

From a logistics, football, and moral standpoint, here are some outcomes that would have made much more sense:

Outcome #1 – The Jaguars could have been open with Minshew from the very beginning and explain that they were going to take Lawrence first overall. This would have allowed him, his representation, and the Jags to work on a trade to a team where he could have competed for the starting job, and maybe had a chance to win it. Teams that instantly come to mind are Washington and Denver.

Outcome #2 – Minshew could have requested his release and the Jags could have let him pick where he wanted to go.

Outcome #3 – The Jags could have stuck with Minshew despite getting banged up in 2020. Instead of wasting time with Chase Luton and Mike Glennon, Minshew would have gotten critically important reps and opportunities. Minshew may have shown that he is they person for the job and the team maybe would have won more games. If they did not end up with the top pick, they could have committed to Minshew and built around him. If they still had the top pick, the team could have drafted the best player available regardless of position.

What Happens Now?

Minshew will become the #2 or #3 quarterback in Philly and will still have no chance to start unless injuries come up. He is better than Joe Flacco and Nick Mullens. However, he will not beat out Jalen Hurts for the starting job. There is chance he never plays another meaningful snap in the NFL. Minshew has raw talent and ability. He also adds a spark to the offense, but he needs fine tuning. If Deshaun Watson actually gets traded, Houston could be a great spot for Minshew. He instantly becomes the best QB on the roster and gets to stick it to his old team twice a year. Sounds like a pretty good deal. This is a situation where a young player with a lot of upside is getting mistreated, and honestly, it’s really sad to see it play out the way that it did.

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