Gervonta Davis Retains Title With TKO Victory Against Garcia

Gervonta Davis Vs Garcia
Photo Credit: Patrick Smith

Gervonta “Tank” Davis scored an impressive TKO victory over Hector Garcia on Saturday night to retain his WBA lightweight title. The fight started out as a close affair, but Gervonta Davis gradually took control in the later rounds.

Tank Davis (28-0, 26 KOs) keeps his unbeaten record intact as he looks ahead to a super-fight with Rising star and social media sensation Ryan Garcia. The two agreed to a deal that will see them fight this spring. It is one of the most intriguing match-ups in boxing right now and will provide plenty of entertainment for boxing fans everywhere.

However, it is worth noting that Davis’ last opponent, Hector Garcia, did not slouch himself. The Dominican fighter is a former Olympian and has put together some strong performances. Garcia (16-1, 10 KOs) is also a world champion at the weight class below, so despite the loss, he can return to his desired weight class to defend his belt.

“Tank” Davis Started Slow, Then Applied The Pressure In Rounds 7 And 8

Typical for a Tank Davis fight, he started slowly in the opening round and then started picking Garcia apart in the middle rounds. Garcia controlled the first three rounds using his height and reach advantage. He attempted to use his jab to keep Davis at a distance, but the Baltimore native was able to time his counters and force Garcia into backing up. By the middle of the fifth round, however, it was clear that Garcia was starting to tire.

In front of the packed Capital One Arena, crowd favorite Gervonta Davis started to get into the rhythm before a scuffle halted the fight in the crowd involving rapper Meek Mill and his entourage, creating a lot of excitement around the arena, leaving the referee no choice but to pause the fight.

It didn’t stop Tank’s momentum, and he began to land some stiff shots when the fight resumed. The punches from Davis seemed to finally start to take their toll on Garcia as the rounds progressed. At the end of the eighth round, Garcia did not get off his stool, which meant he was in no condition to continue with the fight. The referee called an end to the fight after just eight rounds. It was a convincing victory for Davis, who became the first man to beat Garcia.

Looking to the Future for Tank

With a megafight with Ryan Garcia looming on the horizon, there is sure to be plenty of interest from boxing fans worldwide. Many have speculated that this fight could end up being one of the biggest boxing events of 2023. However, Tank also has more battles to come stemming from his legal troubles. The fighter is scheduled to attend court on Feb. 16 on hit-and-run charges.

The judge has already denied his request for a plea deal, so the court case could significantly impact the timing of his next fight. If he is found guilty, he could face significant jail time, which would likely keep him out of the ring for an extended period. Fans will have to wait and see what unfolds in the coming weeks to see if the fight between these two will ever happen. Or if they will be forced to wait even longer to see Tank in action again.

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