The Greatest in Sports History Retires

Tom Brady
Photo by Pro Football Focus

Tom Brady, the Greatest player in sports history, has finally decided to retire after 22 seasons. After breaking almost every individual record and winning 7 Championships. Brady has nothing left to prove and wants to spend more time with his family.

Tom Brady Before Becoming the Greatest

Brady becoming the GOAT is something no one saw coming. In 1995, Tom Brady was a 7th string Quarterback for Michigan. He grinded day and night and became the undisputed starting Quarterback in 1999. He won 10 of his last 11 games including an orange bowl victory over heavily favored Alabama. Even after proving the doubters wrong at the collegiate level, everyone was still questioning if Brady belongs at the professional level. He dropped to the 6th round, pick 199, and the 7th Quarterback taken in the 2000 NFL draft. Brady started his rookie season as the 4th string Quarterback and didn’t play much. After an injury to Drew Bledsoe in 2001, Tom Brady finally got his shot and never looked back.

Brady Ascends to the GOAT

Tom Brady would go on to win 3 Super Bowls in his first 4 years as the starting Quarterback and became the best player in the NFL. He would lead the Greatest dynasty in NFL history with the New England Patriots and set numerous records. Brady won 6 Super Bowls total with the Patriots. He also won 4 Super Bowl MVPs and 3 Regular Season MVPs. Brady became widely considered the Greatest football player in history but that wasn’t enough for him. To get out of Bill Belichick’s shadow, Tom Brady left the Patriots and join the most losing franchise in NFL history, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In his first season with the team, Brady led the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl. He won his 7th Super Bowl and his 5th Super Bowl MVP. He proved he was more responsible for the Patriots dynasty than Belichick since Belichick has never even won one playoff game without Brady.

Tom Brady’s Accolades is the Greatest in Sports

Tom Brady’s accomplishments and longevity pushes him to the Greatest in Sports History. While you have GOATs like Michael Jordan in Basketball, Wayne Gretzky in Hockey, or Babe Ruth in Baseball. No Athlete has a better resume than Tom Brady. Brady is the all-time leader in pro bowl selections (15), passing yards (84,520yds), and passing touchdowns (624). Brady has more Championships than any other team with 7. That would be like if Michael Jordan won more Championships than the Lakers. Also, Jordan never won without Phil Jackson or Scottie Pippen, Gretzky never won without the Edmonton Oilers, Babe Ruth played against poor competition, and none of them won more rings than Brady.

Brady’s Longevity

Where Brady really separates himself is in longevity. Playing a more physical sport than Basketball, Hockey, or Baseball. Brady aged better than any athlete in history. He won a Regular season MVP at 40. He won multiple Championships and multiple Super bowl MVPs after turning 40. All have never been achieved in any sport. Brady had more touchdowns in his 40s (168) than in his 20s (147) in 1 less season. At 44 in his last season, Brady led the NFL in yards with over 5300 and total touchdowns with 45. He was the PFF MVP and is retiring at almost 45, still in his prime. Brady won 7 Championships, appeared in 10 Super Bowls, appeared in 14 Conference Championship games, and won 18 division titles in 20 seasons as a starter. Brady is the all-time leader in regular season wins with 243. Even if a Quarterback played 14 seasons and won every game, they still would have less wins than Brady. Brady also has the most playoff wins with 35, 19 more than the next quarterback Joe Montana with the 2nd most. It’s also more playoff wins than 29/32 NFL teams. Tom Brady is and will forever be the Greatest player in sports history.

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