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Has Paul Heyman found his ‘next guy’?

Paul Heyman
Courtesy of WWE

Paul Heyman has been in the WWE for a long-time.

Dating back to 1987 when Heyman started out as a Photographer, the 57-year-old has served many roles in the wrestling industry. From a photographer, promoter, executive, and manager, Heyman has spent 36 years in total with the WWE. Over that time, he has spent numerous years as a manager for World Champions; The Big Show, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, and Roman Reigns. Throughout the last 20 years though he has always kept his next ‘Paul Heyman guy’ close to him.

A former WWE Heavyweight Champion thinks that Heyman may have that next guy picked:

“I look at it like Paul Heyman has attached his wagon to the ‘Next Guy’ for the last 20 years,” stated Mark Henry. “You can go from (CM) Punk to right now to him with Roman, and Brock Lesnar’s and everybody that came in-between. And Sami is right now the closest guy to emotionally being able to captivate the business.”

Sami Zayn has been on the rise to stardom. The WWE Universe has been invested in the Honorary Uce storyline. They cheer for Zayn anytime ‘The Bloodline’ is in the ring. Though, in the WWE Zayn has never quite gotten the big push, despite being an important wrestler for the 70-year-old company.

“Just like he did during Covid, Sami was the savior of WWE,” Henry continued. “He was the best promo in WWE at that time and he was the guy that was making you tune in and see every week, ‘what is he going to say and do next?’ Sami can do it, he’s proved it. So, why not? I’m all for it. Sign me up!”

Throughout his time in the WWE, Zayn has been an NXT and three-time Intercontinental Champion. However, he has never won a world championship in the WWE.

The storyline for Zayn being part of the Bloodline may come to an end, and there may be a plot where Heyman turns with Zayn.

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