DeAndre Hopkins visits Patriots
(AP Photo/Jennifer Stewart)

For the NFL season in the month of May, there’s routinely not a lot of big headline news. It’s always a mix of OTA reactions, player holdouts, and viral interactions with players. However, every so often, there will be a free agent straggler who’s just a big enough fish to get people interested. That fish this year is in the middle of making his rounds and visits looking for his new home. DeAndre Hopkins and the Patriots aren’t typically known as newsworthy teams for anything off the field. But all eyes are on them as they get to know each other today and this Thursday.

Hopkins just visited the Tennessee Titans a few days ago and left without signing. Titans brass ensured they knew patience in Hopkins’ decision was going to be a factor, however, the Patriots are optimistic. According to a source who spoke to The Athletic, there’s optimism in the building they’ll sign Hopkins before he leaves. Money is obviously a factor here but like the Titans, they also brought him in to see if he fits the team and culture.

The Patriots organization is great at hiding what they want to do before they do it, but Mac Jones certainly had to problem voicing his opinion on the matter.

With JuJu Smith-Schuster still day-to-day at camp, it’s not hard to see why the Patriots are testing these waters. This could be Mac Jones‘ final attempt at proving he belongs at starting QB in New England. He’ll take all the help he can get, including DeAndre Hopkins, and the Patriots should be more than happy to oblige.

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