How to Fix the Cleveland Browns Struggles

Cleveland Browns
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How to fix the Cleveland Browns may seem like a difficult task on the surface however, if we all take a closer look and be more reasonable about the current state of the team. One would see the fixes are within their reach. Cleveland is currently 2-4 on the season through six games. Looking at the record one could think the team is talentless and have no shot. That assumption would not be correct at all. Offensively this unit is a top-ten offense in the NFL, with the best rushing attack in the league. In addition, the defense has been the letdown so far into the season. According to pre-season rankings, the Browns were supposed to be a top-ten defense. However, they are ranked twenty overall in the NFL.

Cleveland Browns Areas Of Concern

Some areas of concern first are obviously the defense. But it was the seeming lack of effort on the defensive side of the ball Sunday. The Cleveland Browns face the same issues that have been highlighted six games into the season, lack of communication not knowing where to line up and what should be done in certain play calls. Missed tackles, and players out of position. On offense, it seems to be play-calling at times and situational strategies. Jacoby Brissett sometimes seems to be playing outside of what his strengths are. Lastly special teams. This unit continually makes crucial mistakes in inopportune times. As well mental and focus errors happen often.

Who Or What Is To Blame?

So far during this season, the major consensus on who to blame is the defense. Many Browns fans can’t agree on whether it is the player’s fault or if it’s on the coaching of Joe Woods. In either case, some say it’s not the coaching staff missing tackles and not knowing where to line up. Cleveland Browns fans then wonder why the secondary is constantly in zone coverage compared to playing man coverage. A good majority of the time, the right plays are being called. However, it is the players not executing correctly. In reality, it falls back on Joe Woods by not playing the guys who are going to do what is coached or holding them accountable.

How To Fix Cleveland Browns Current Issues?

This defense is full of top draft picks that should have the ability to take the next step forward in their growth. With the talent level on this team, it may be time to sit players. Another fix is simply time. Time for players to grow and mature because the Browns are one of the youngest teams in the NFL. Also the need for time, for a culture change many want for this team. In addition, they are in the early stages of year three with this regime. Offensively continue to play within the strengths of Jacoby Brissett, along with utilizing Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb in critical points of games. Finally once again more time, Cleveland is five to six weeks away from the debut of the new Franchise quarterback.

Who’s On The Hot Seat?

To start with some of the coordinators are on the hot seat for this team. In my mind, there are two people who shouldn’t be on this list, and do not believe they are. First general manager Andrew Berry is not and should not be on the hot seat. He is the person who traded for the aloof franchise quarterback. After twenty-three years finally acquired a franchise-altering quarterback. Next is the head coach and offensive play caller Kevin Stefanski. In his first season won head coach of the year and took the Cleveland Browns to the playoffs for the first time in twenty years. However, what is in question for Stefanski are some of his coordinators. Special teams coordinator Mike Prifer should be let go at the season’s end. Next is defensive coordinator Joe Woods, his unit is lacking and he doesn’t seem to have the ear of players.

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