The Indiana Pacers are headlining the trade rumors in the NBA world, a few days ahead of Thursday’s NBA 2022 draft. The Pacers have been headlining trade rumors since the regular season ended. For instance, there were talks of Malcolm Brogdon being traded to the Los Angeles Lakers in a package deal to get Russell Westbrook in April.

 These trade rumors didn’t sit well with Indiana Pacers fans when the news initially got out. Unfortunately for Indiana Pacers fans, these trade rumors from April involving Westbrook still have the potential to occur days ahead of draft night. Fortunately, these aren’t Indiana’s only trade offers. Here’s a look at the potential trades for the Indiana Pacers that might occur before or during draft night.

Indiana Pacers Trade Idea #1:

Indiana Pacers Receive Evan Fornier RJ Barrett 

New York Knicks Receive Malcolm Brogdon & NBA 2022 1st Round 6th Draft Pick

In this trade scenario involving Malcolm Brogdon and the New York Knicks, the Pacers would hugely benefit from engaging in this conversation. For starters, they would acquire the two-way player in the making from the Knicks, RJ Barrett, who brings a lot to the table defensively. Then, the Pacers would receive Evan Fornier, a sharpshooting guard for the Knicks.

Barrett would immediately impact the Pacers’ defense alongside Myles Turner with this trade. Fornier would be a great addition coming off the bench. The NBA trade machine simulator says the Indiana Pacers would increase their win total by six wins. These two would add a lot of potential to the Pacers’ lineup if acquired.

Players Salaries:

To receive quality talent, giving up it in return is mandatory. The Indiana Pacers have to give up a star player whose salary equates to Barrett’s and Fornier’s combined. For the upcoming season, Barrett is making $8,623,923, and Fornier is making $17,000,000. The Pacers would need to include a player making over $20,000,000 for this trade to be valid. 

How to make the trade happen:

Brogdon is one of the few players who make over $20,000,000 for the Pacers and one of the few players on the Pacers who match the skillset of Barrett and Fornier. The other players for the Pacers who are making over $20,000,000 wouldn’t be much of a target, as the Knicks mentioned that they are heavily interested in acquiring Brogdon. Lastly, in addition to giving up Brogdon, the Pacers will likely have to give up their first-round pick to persuade the Knicks organization further to take the trade.

Indiana Pacers Trade Idea #2:

Indiana Pacers Receive John Collins &  NBA 2022 1st round 16th Draft Pick

Atlanta Hawks Receive Buddy Hield & NBA 2022 1st round 6th Draft Pick

Photo by Natalie Hendricks /NBAE via Getty Images

This trade scenario involves Buddy Hield, and the NBA 2022 1st round 6th Draft Pick going to the Atlanta Hawks in exchange for John Collins. Unfortunately, this trade scenario isn’t likely, as other teams have been said to have better chances of acquiring the forward from the Hawks. However, it wouldn’t hurt to offer this trade to see if it intrigues the Hawks front office. 

Player Salaries:

For this trade to be successful, the salaries of Hield and Collins have to be similar. Collins is earning $23,000,000 next season, while Hield is grossing $22,768,890 next year. These two salaries are almost identical, making the trade valid for both teams. The Indiana Pacers would benefit from acquiring Collins because of the offensive skillset he possesses. He also does well at holding his own on the defensive end. If this trade does occur, then it is projected by the NBA trade machine simulator that the Pacers’ win total would increase by eight wins.

How to make the trade happen:

It wouldn’t take much to complete this trade happen, as both players involved make equivalent salaries. The tricky part would be convincing the Hawks that this trade is better than the others they’ve seen for Collins. To further bait the Hawks into taking the trade, Indiana Pacers must include their lottery draft pick and, in exchange, receive the Hawk’s 16th pick in the 1st round pick of the 2022 NBA draft.

If the Pacers include a draft pick in this trade, it’ll increase their chances of acquiring Collins. Many analysts have mentioned that this year’s draft doesn’t possess as much talent as we’ve seen in previous years. If the Hawks were to get the Pacers’ lottery draft pick, they could potentially replace the talent and skill of Collins with someone younger. Overall, both teams would heavily benefit from this trade

Indiana Pacers Trade Idea #3

Indiana Pacers Receive Jerami Grant

Detroit Pistons receive Buddy Hield & NBA 2022 2nd round 31st Draft Pick:

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

This trade scenario involves Buddy Hield and the 2nd round 31st pick of the NBA 2022 draft in exchange for Jerami Grant. This exchange has a lot of potential to take place for the Indiana Pacers. This trade could positively impact the Pacers because they need a new power forward after trading their star Domantis Sabonis to the Kings last season. Grant could quickly replace some of the production that Sabonis brought offensively and defensively.

Players Salaries:

This trade wouldn’t take much to happen. The only thing preventing it is other teams using all their weapons to acquire Grant. For starters, both players mentioned in this trade almost make identical salaries. Hield is making $22,768,890 next year, and Grant is making $20,002,500. These two salaries are nearly proportionate, making the trade valid. 

How to make the trade happen:

If the Pacers want to be more convincing than the other teams throwing offers, they must include their second-round pick. If the Pacers offer up this trade to the Pistons, it’ll be difficult for them to decline. The only reason they decline the offer is unless some other team has a better one.

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