Instant Analysis of the Ravens Trading Shaun Wade to the Patriots

Shaun Wade

Shaun Wade is on the move already. Wade was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in round five from Ohio State. However, the corner is now heading to the New England Patriots in exchange for a fifth round pick in 2023 and a seventh round pick in 2022. This is a huge pick up for the Patriots and a very surprising decision by the Ravens. Wade was viewed as a top prospect before having a lack luster final year in Columbus. That year is not indicative of the great player he is.

Why is This Trade Good For the Patriots?

Corner depth is a weak spot for the Patriots right now, especially with reports of Jonathan Jones going down. Beyond Stephon Gilmore and J.C Jackson, it’s hard to say who the next best corner is. All of them have been struggling as of late. Wade immediately becomes the best option as a third corner/nickel candidate. He did struggle with playing on the outside his last year in college, but is a very good slot corner. So far in the preseason, he has been top rated corner allowing zero catches and attempts on whoever he is covering. If Gilmore can’t or won’t go to start the season, Jackson and Wade have a much better chance as a tandem as opposed to Jackson and somebody else who was already on the roster.

Why is This Trade Bad For the Ravens?

The Ravens are sending a very good football player out the door without giving him a chance in the regular season. The Ravens always do a great job with drafting on the defensive side of the ball. This is someone they could have carved out a role for. Wade could have easily became a dependable player for the team. You can make the argument he was already doing a good job with that. It may only be preseason action, but you have to start somewhere. Nobody was throwing his way, that’s huge. Why the Ravens would part with this kind of player is puzzling. Shaun Wade will look to make an impact early with the Patriots. But, he will have a lot of catching up to do.

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