Is it Time For Kenny Pickett?

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Last night saw the Browns beat the Steelers 29-17. While watching the Steelers, it was clear that the offense did not have the best of games. With this team most likely not winning a Super Bowl this year, it is now time to question if Kenny Pickett should make the start at QB.

Last Night

Last night saw Mitchell Trubisky go 20 of 32 for 207 passing yards. He added seven yards on the ground of two rushes and even got a rushing touchdown. While he did not have the worst night, this was no special showcase from Mitch. The O seemed to be moving alright in the first half. He looked comfortable on his passes and even put a good few drives together, including this insane play with George Pickens.

As the game got tighter though, it seemed like the pressure got to Mitch. In three huge drives in the second half, the Steelers punted it away. The Browns then took over the tempo after these stops and put the game away basically. The Steelers’ offense just seemed to stall in the second half and found it hard to score. The Steelers also did themselves no favors in the betting world, as they definitely enraged some people with this play.

What is wrong with Mitch?

While Mitch might be a good QB, he definitely is not the future of the Steelers. There also seems to be no juice on the offense right now. I am not solely blaming Mitch for this reason, but there just seems to be none. He also seemed to get a bit shaky as the game got closer and big plays were needed. He also seemed scared to push the ball down the field. He has here and there but almost seems timider than he should be. After the way the Steelers offense has looked now to begin the season, it might be time to make the switch.

Why Kenny

Kenny Pickett might not answer all of the questions the Steelers have, but now might be a great time for him to get some valuable in-game experience. Many do not see the Steelers as a playoff team now with the way the O has looked and with the loss of TJ Watt for the time being. With all of that in mind and the lack of juice on offense, now might be a good time to make the switch. The year could be over if they make the switch, but there is also the chance that Pickett could be the spark the Steelers need to get going. Mitch has basically shown all he can do in the NFL it seems like, so maybe the kid Pickett should get that chance.

To go along with that, this could be a good time to build chemistry. If the Steelers put Pickett out there, it gives him so much time and games to develop with a pretty talented receiving core. Mitch has also been seeming to throw outside the numbers basically all game until the fourth. Having Pickett in there would change that, and might even help out the running game. With the Steelers having two tough losses the last two weeks, the noise in Pittsburgh is getting loud about the offense and Matt Canada. With a change to Kenny Pickett as the QB, that could just be the change the Steelers need.

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