Is LA Knight retiring following Money In The Bank?

In the words of LA Knight himself: “Let me talk to ya!” Could LA Knight be retiring? He teased it himself at a WWE live event following the most recent PLE.

LA Knight
Credit: WWE

The WWE has had its fair share of superstars retire early, but to see one retire while in the midst of his career. Now that would be a surprise. Especially, with Triple H having control of creative. Since, the end of 2022, Knight has become involved in many feuds. Even with most of them ending in losses in the big match, the crowd still rallies behind him. There was no difference heading into Money in the Bank. He was the fan favorite to win and many believed that the WWE wanted him to win, but in the end, it was Damian Priest coming away with the briefcase.

Following that signature ladder match, Knight addressed a live crowd in Cardiff and claimed he had wrestled his last match.

He began: “Nobody back there knows this right now, but last night was my last match. If I wasn’t coming out with that case, it’s all over for me. I wanted to come out and feel this one more in my gear, standing in this ring, before I say goodbye.”

The videos went viral on social media, but what those videos didn’t show is the second part of what LA Knight had stated about retiring.

“Or at least that’s what they’d like me to say,’ he said to a huge roar from the fans.”

“So, let me talk to ya,’ he continued. ‘I stand here right now thinking about what happened last night. That case, hanging up there, in my grasp, about to pull it down. At long last, it comes down in the hands of who? Who? Who cares.”

“It didn’t come down in the hands of LA Knight. Here’s how it goes. I haven’t been given anything since I walked through the door, let’s face facts, and here I stand, top of the industry.”

“Here I stand, the man, all over the place, everywhere you go. Everywhere, all around the round, it’s the same song, and how’s that song go? With everybody saying [LA Knight]!”

Even though, Knight has become a fan favorite. Many people forget that he is still one of the company’s top heels…he insisted that he didn’t need the fans.

“The reason ain’t y’all. The reason is me. You can feel cool saying my name all you want, but I don’t need y’all, let’s be honest. I didn’t need that case either,” he said.

“Just like I made myself a top man in this industry is the same way, with or without a case, I will make myself a champion sooner or later, and there ain’t nobody that can stop me. That’s not an insult. That’s just a fact of life.”

So, the answer here… is NO, LA Knight is not retiring. At least not yet.

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