Jacob deGrom Placed on IL

Jacob deGrom
John Bazemore – Associated Press

The New York Mets announced Sunday they have placed star pitcher Jacob deGrom on the ten-day Injured List. New York Mets manager Luis Rojas commented on deGrom’s status on Saturday,

“We’re evaluating him. He has been getting treatment,”

Luis Rojas manager of the New York Mets

Rojas in addition on Saturday mentioned that he was throwing during the all-star break. However, the concern came when the tightness continued during a bullpen session on Friday. However, deGrom has been expierencing injuries all throughout the season and every injury has been on his throwing side. Nevertheless, Rojas did mention that the injury is similar to what deGrom has been dealing with throughout the season,

“”I don’t think this is something too much different from something he’s felt in the past, and that’s why he thought it was just going to go away, per him, just talking to him. Pitchers, guys are going to go out there and throw 80 to 100 pitches and they’re going to feel some things in the four days in between they get to start again. … Ideally, yeah, I would like to hear if there’s something that he’s feeling that’s different than he’s felt in the past and he thinks it could be a concern.”

Luis Rojas manager of the New York Mets

When deGrom addressed the media on Sunday the key takeaway from his statement is the following,

“I’m frustrated, I don’t know what else to say.”

Jacob deGrom New York Mets Pitcher

What Does Jacob deGrom’s Absence Mean For The Mets?

At the start of play on Sunday the Mets currently have a 2.5 game lead over the Phillies in the National League East. With deGrom out of the rotation for at least the next two rotations this is a prime oppurtunity for another team to take the lead of the division late.

The New York Mets have yet to announce who they will call up to fill deGrom’s spot on the rotation. However, this will be a key vaccancy for the Mets to fill.

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