Jacoby Brissett Starting QB?

Jacoby Brissett
Photo credit: Jared Muller

With rumors surrounding the Cleveland Browns and a possible lengthy suspension for Deshaun Watson. In the event of a suspension backup Jacoby Brissett will be the incumbent starter. According to multiple reports Brissett was the best possible option to backup Deshaun Watson.

Full Season Starter

With Deshaun Watson going through his disciplinary hearing. Reports coming out believe that the NFL will push a full season suspension. Which will open the door for Brissett to be the full time starter. His style of play fits in better with that of Deshaun Watson. Meaning the offense would not have to completely change between Watson and Brissett.

Sustainability (Full-Season Starter)

This move is not sustainable. He will have the backing of a top 5 Cleveland Browns defense on the other side of him. Possibly the best run game in the entire league. With the best running back duo.He would serve as the bridge quarterback with the franchise QB waiting to become eligible again to play.


The first 4 games are very winnable. Things begin to get tricky on the back half of the schedule. Anything beyond a 12 game suspension is not ideal for the Cleveland Browns playoff hopes.

A roster full of talent that the Browns have would be a real waste if Watson can’t play. If Jacoby has to play the full season the win range is 8-9 games at most. In the realm of suspensions anything between 6-8 would be the bet case scenario for the Cleveland Browns. 10-12 games would then become very problematic for the Cleveland Browns. With all the rumors going around about possible suspensions. I believe that when its all said and done Jacoby Brissett will play minimal this season.

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