Jake Paul Unconvincingly Beats Woodley

Jake Paul
Photo Credit: Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Jake Paul beats Tyrone Woodley after having an unconvincing fight. The ‘Problem Child’ won after a split decision. Two out of the three judges gave him the win (77-76 and 78-74), while one judge gave Woodley the win (77-75). But in reality, did Jake Paul actually win the fight?

Did Woodley Get Robbed?

In the beginning, Jake Paul started asserting his dominance in the ring. Paul was the more aggressive fight in the first two rounds, but what happened after that? In the first two rounds, Woodley did not offer much going forward. Many neutrals were surprised after Tyrone Woodley began going more forward. It wasn’t until the fourth round when the MMA Hall-of-Famer made a big statement. Woodley hit Paul with a big right hook to leave him grabbing onto the ropes. Surprisingly, two of the judges didn’t consider that huge moment a knockdown.

But as the fight went on, Woodley didn’t produce much. The MMA star would land punches here and there but never took the initiative. Although the ‘Problem Child’ didn’t do anything spectacular to convincingly win the fight, Tyrone didn’t do much to convince the judges either. Paul came in as the A-side in this fight, so it was clear that Woodley was going to need much more than 1-2 power shots. The results of the fight prove this as Woodley only landed 5 power punches.

Rematch Incoming?

The biggest talking point has to be what was said after the fight. Jake Paul claimed that he didn’t showcase his best performance as his “legs were shaking in the locker room”. Woodley, on the other hand, claimed that he got robbed. He claimed in his post-fight interview that he did not lose more than two rounds. Paul and Woodley argued for a bit and unofficially agreed on a rematch. Tyron would have to get an “I love Jake Paul” tattoo to fight Jake again.

Only time will tell if Woodley actually gets the tattoo and if they get a rematch. The only thing for certain is that many boxing fans will be disappointed with the fight today.

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