Jake Paul’s Next Opponent After Defeating Former Champion

Jake Paul
Jake Paul throws a punch at Anderson Silva during their match at Desert Diamond Arena in Glendale, on Saturday, Oct. 29, 2022. Alex Gould/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Jake Paul’s next opponent is a hot topic of discussion right now. The former YouTube star just earned a victory over a former UFC champion Anderson Silva. Paul remained undefeated in his boxing career, yet praise is hard to come by for the young boxer. Many have stuck to the idea that he hasn’t fought any worthy opponents. I don’t see it that way as his opponents have progressively gotten tougher with each fight he’s taken.

Paul Defeats Former Champion

Silva was his hardest test to date, but the two traded shots in a war for eight rounds. Paul even managed to win most the rounds by staying active and keeping combos flying. Which is a testament to how hard he has trained to go eight with the former pound for pound greatest fighter and not take a step back or slow down any. Most knew he was ahead on points going into the final round but then he knocked Silva down making it completely obvious who had won the fight.

Jake Paul calls out who he wants next

In the post fight press conference Paul was asked about his next opponents moments after he learned of an altercation between Nate Diaz and guys from his camp earlier that night. So he had some choice words for Diaz while challenging him to get in the ring with him. The young boxer also sent a second challenge out to Canelo Alverez. Saying now after his victory over Silva, maybe everyone will take him more seriously than they did last time he called out Canelo.

My take on Jake Paul’s next opponent.

i personally think the Alverez fight would be a better fight and bring more respect if he could knock off the boxing legend. While I see Canelo being the more respected matchup, I see Diaz being the bigger money fight. Even more so now after the altercation and call-out on Saturday night. Nate Diaz is a dangerous standup brawler with a chin made of concrete. He has been in wars where he got the reputation of being one of the toughest fighters in all combat sports.

I can see an upside for either fight but I hope Paul picks Canelo for his next opponent. In reality though, I see it being Diaz to step up and accept the fight. It will be an all out war but the Paul haters will still complain he only fights older UFC fighters. Either way we will all be entertained equally. Love him or hate him we all have to watch what’s next.

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