Jalen Ramsey Undergoes Offseason Surgery

Photo via Jared Martinez/therams.com

Los Angeles Rams cornerback, Jalen Ramsey, reportedly played all of last season with a tear in each of his shoulders. Despite the setback, Ramsey was still able to earn an All-Pro award in 2021. That made his third All-Pro selection. Jalen Ramsey underwent shoulder surgery to get repaired and is expected to make a full recovery before the season starts. Meaning there should not be any setbacks in terms of games played in 2022 due to this injury.

Fighting Through The Pain

As mentioned, Ramsey earned his third All-Pro selection in 2021. He also earned his fifth straight Pro-Bowl selection last year. These are incredible accolades considering he has only played six seasons. Ramsey tied his career-high in interceptions in 2021 with 4. He also had 16 pass deflections, 62 solo tackles, and 9 tackles for loss.

Ultimately, Ramsey never truly showed how injured he was. There were times in the postseason when it seemed he wasn’t 100%, but his production on the field never hinted at what he was going through. Ramsey was a large part of the Rams’ success last year, and he will be vital once more in 2022. The star corner turns 28 this season. He is to the age where his health is of the utmost importance. The secondary is not the place to get hurt, as they have a small margin for error.

What’s Next?

Ramsey had success despite his injuries, which raises the question. How much better can he look at 100%? It is a valid question. Jalen Ramsey is different from other corners. He uses his size and athleticism to shadow some of the league’s top talent. Recovering from two injured shoulders could take time, but it seems Ramsey will be clear to start week one. Other players in the league, like Jimmy Garoppolo, have been criticized for getting surgery later into the offseason. There hasn’t been an answer to why this surgery took place at this point in the offseason. Hopefully there are no setbacks for Ramsey, as he looks to dominate opposing wideouts in 2022.

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