Jayson Tatum tried to Recruit Damian Lillard to Boston

Damian Lillard requested a trade nearly two months ago. Since then, all signs have pointed toward a deal getting done between at some point between Portland and Miami. Even after, both sides have refused deals. Though, recently there have been some reports that Jayson Tatum has attempted to recruit Lillard to the Celtics.

ESPN’s Marc Spears recently appeared on the “Sports by Northwest” podcast, which is hosted by The Oregonian. Spears had stated that there is some interest in Boston after Tatum had conversations with Lillard. However, Chris Haynes who has been close to Lillard’s camp shut down that notion earlier this offseason.

“I know Jayson Tatum has called him, try to get in his ear,” Spears said“But his focus is definitely on Miami.”

Back on June 8, 2023, Chris Haynes stated on the Dan Patrick show, that Lillard to Boston would not happen.

There’s no surprise that Tatum would want to play with Lillard. He’s a Top-5 Point Guard. They’ve been teammates before for Team USA and for All-Star teams. Though, Obviously at this point the Blazers may be waiting for the best deal to come.

“He’s kind of got that kind of like military basketball mentality. He wants to work. Also, the stability of the organization, the winning, like they’ve been to the Finals what, seven times since 2006? Obviously, Bam (Adebayo), and Jimmy (Butler) helps, no State tax helps, sunshine helps,” Spears said of Lillard and his desire to play for the Heat. “And I think at 33 years old, he looks at the landscape of the West and it’s like Mmmm… I think my chances are better to go out East, and if Miami is able to make the Finals without somebody like myself, what can they do with me?’ So, you don’t make that move unless it’s certainly a calculated risk.”

After all, the NBA is a brotherhood. Practically everyone is friends off the court.

NBA Training Camps are a little over a month away. The Trail Blazers are not showing signs of dropping their price tag on the greatest player in franchise history. Both sides have stated they would be willing to camp with Lillard on the team. The 33-year-old is coming off a career season, averaging a career-high 32.2 points and 7.3 assists on 64.5 percent true shooting in 58 games.

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