Jeff Hardy Was Arrested!

Jeff Hardy Was Arrested Photo Credit: Volusia County Police Department

Jeff Hardy was arrested for a DUI, driving with a suspended license, and a few other charges.  According to, the DUI is a third-degree felony, but the other charges are misdemeanors.

Jeff Hardy is a decorated wrestling legend from WWE & TNA, capturing world titles in both promotions. He wowed the fans with insane bumps off of ladders. He changed the very nature of the ladder match in all wrestling. But with that history, comes a history of struggles for Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy in WWE was recently fired after he refused to go to rehab. He had walked out of a match at a house show. He passed his drug test, but others are quick to point out that drug tests can’t screen for alcohol. Jeff Hardy had admitted as recent as the Steve Austin Podcast, as having struggled with an alcohol addiction recently.

Going further back, TNA’s incident at Victory Road in 2011, saw Jeff Hardy walk out to do a match, while heavily under the influence. This event caused TNA to have to run an audible. They sent someone out to get the match over with to get Jeff Hardy back out of the ring as soon as possible. On Bruce Prichard’s Something To Wrestle, he said that Jeff Hardy was later suspended upon completion of rehab. Other than Alcohol, it has been noted that he stayed clean after that event… as far as anyone is aware.

This event comes on the heels of a recent concussion that Jeff Hardy was reported to have suffered in a match in AEW. As well as being booked in a title match on Wednesday against the Jurassic Express on Dynamite. Since Jeff is, at the moment of this article, still in custody. It seems likely that Jeff Hardy will not be at that match.

It’s unknown what will come, but this writer hopes that Jeff Hardy will get the help he needs after this.

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