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Joe Burrow is the Next Tom Brady

Joe Burrow
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No football player will ever be as great as Tom Brady, but Joe Burrow may be the next closest thing. Burrow had the greatest season ever by a college player. It led him to the 1st overall pick and he didn’t disappoint.

Joe Burrow-Best Young Quarterback

With no off-season as a rookie due to covid. Burrow averaged almost 270 passing yards per game. He also had 18 total touchdowns with only 5 interceptions behind the worst offensive line in the NFL. Unfortunately, the offensive line wows came back to haunt him, as he torn his acl during his rookie year. Joe Burrow came back better than ever. He went on to be PFF highest graded quarterback and won the AFC North at 10-7. Burrow also finished 2nd in passer rating and in passing yards per game while leading the league in yards per attempt. He accomplished all of this behind the worst offensive line again. To lead the NFL in yards per attempt with no time to throw is nearly impossible but Burrow found a way. Joe Burrow had similar stats to all of the top young quarterbacks Josh Allen, Pat Mahomes, and Justin Herbert. What separates Burrow is Mahomes and Herbert have a better offensive line, so Burrow’s level of difficulty is much higher. Compared to Josh Allen, Burrow is much better than Allen was in his 2nd season.

Similarities to Brady

The attributes that make Brady great is his non-physical traits and Burrow possesses a lot of those traits. The smarts to read defenses. The accuracy to make tight window throws in double coverage. The calmness and confidence when bad things occur, to keep coming right back unfazed. Also, the swagger and leadership to have your teammates believe in you no matter what. Joe Burrow is also a winner like Brady. He won a national championship in college at LSU. Then he led the Cincinnati Bengals to the AFC Championship game in just his 2nd season.

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