Josh Giddey Makes His Mark

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After an incredibly successful first season within the NBA, Josh Giddey has made his mark. OKC would be nothing but elated with Giddeys rookie season, as they’ve found their guard for their continued rebuild.

The 6ft8 point guard entered the league with a lot of pessimism surrounding him, based on his lack of athletic ability, and lack of shooting. Giddey blew any concerns away, with his incredible passing and vision being staple marks of his early performances.

As the season progressed, so did his confidence. The Thunder entrusted him with more ball handling responsibilities, and from there the records began to fall.

On the second of January 2022, Giddey recorded the youngest ever triple-double, at 19 years and 84 days old. In a matchup vs notorious triple-double collector, Luka Doncic, Giddey posted a stat line of 17p, 13r and 14a. Just to reinforce this point, over the next few weeks Giddey recorded a following 3 triple-doubles. This giving him the top 4 positions for youngest triple-doubles ever recorded.

Giddey not only showed his ability to put up these big time stat lines, but showed he was able to perform at a high level, consistently. The Aussie born star, won the Western Conference Rookie of the Month award 4 times in a row (from November through to February).

Josh Giddey has certainly made his mark within the league. At the completion of his first NBA season, Giddey posted some phenomenal overall statistics.

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The stats are certainly a fantastic guideline, but the Thunder would be beaming given the potential this young man has. His stroke is only going to improve as he spends more time with the Thunder coaching staff. Things that are harder to teach though, he has. Confidence, composure, and vision are all far harder to embed into a player, and Giddey has these in an abundance.

One thing is for sure, Josh Giddey is only just getting started. His star is set to only burn brighter, as too is the Thunders. With the vast array of draft assets they have, in conjunction with Giddey and SGA at the helm, they’re a team that is going to turn some serious heads over the coming seasons…

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