Julian Araujo Decides To Represent Mexico

Julian Araujo
Photo Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

It’s official, Julian Araujo will now represent the Mexican National Team. After representing the USMNT in the youth systems and in the Olympic Qualifiers, the LA Galaxy defender has decided to use his “one-time switch”. Earlier today, Julian Araujo made an official statement on his Twitter account (@Julian_araujo).

In his emotional tweet, Araujo states that it has always been a dream for him to play for the Mexican National team:

“Growing up watching the Mexican National Team in the World Cup was a unifying moment for my family. Watching them inspired me to pursue a dream of playing professional soccer. My heart is with Mexico”

Julian Araujo, Twitter, October 6 2021

The Mexican-American player also states his gratitude towards the United States, who gave him opportunities at the youth level. Nevertheless, he wraps up his message by thanking his family for the giving him the support needed to make “the big decision”.

“Coming from a family of farmworkers, I was instilled with the values of hard work, dedication and resilience. Thanks to the sacrifices that my family and I have put in on and off the pitch. I have the confidence to make this decision today”.

Julian Araujo, Twitter, October 6 2021

Who’s Next?

Araujo now joins Efrain Alvarez and David Ochoa as the dual-nationals who left the U.S. for Mexico. Efrain Alvarez was cap-tied by Mexico in the Gold Cup this summer while David Ochoa published a personal memoir on his decision. Nevertheless, it’s likely for Mexico to keep ‘stealing’ dual-nationals from the U.S. if they continue to ‘ignore’ these dual nationals.

Although Ricardo Pepi was cap-tied last month, players like Jonathan Gomez and ‘Santi’ Muñoz could be on their way to Mexico as well. The rivalry between Mexico and USA is now embarking new levels. Once more Mexican-Americans continue to develop, it will be an utter war between these two nations. Moreover, these dual-nationals will have to make career-deciding commitments at such a young age.

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