Justin Turner Leaves Game After Scary HBP

Justin Turner
Mandatory Credit: Megan Briggs/Getty Images

Today’s Red Sox win against the Detroit Tigers had a scary scene in the first inning after Justin Turner got hit in the face with a pitch. Turner, who is Boston’s new DH, seemingly got hit in the nose by the pitch. However, it’s not certain as it may have hit him in the mouth or cheek. Turner managed to walk off the field with trainers, but the bloody sight is still a scary thing to see.

After the incident, Justin Turner was transported to a local hospital from an ambulance. According to @WebsterOnTV on Twitter, he is being treated for soft tissue injuries. Turner is also being treated for a concussion.

Tweet via @WebsterOnTV

Justin Turner is Already a Leader in the Red Sox Clubhouse

Justin Turner is already seen as a leader for this young Red Sox squad in his short time in Spring Training. Turner has reunited with former teammates, Kiké Hernandez and Kenley Jansen in Boston in hopes to bring the Dodgers’ winning spirit to the Red Sox clubhouse. The rookies on this roster need a good environment and leadership in order to thrive in Boston. It’s safe to say that having a mentor and leader like Justin Turner in the clubhouse will help them to succeed and reach their full potential.

There is currently no time table on when Justin Turner will be back on the field. He is reportedly in good spirits while receiving treatment, which is a very good thing to hear. While his presence on the team is valuable, having him heal fully from his injuries is what’s most important. Red Sox fans wish him a speedy recovery.

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