Kansas City Chiefs: The Dynasty of the New Generation

AJ Mast-The New York Times

Since Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes first started in 2018, Kansas City has appeared in the AFC Championship every season, cementing the Chiefs as the next dynasty.

The football world has become spoiled by the sustained success of quarterback Tom Brady as he’s won seven Super Bowls and led the New England Patriots dynasty. As the Patriots dynasty fell, Mahomes and head coach Andy Reid were on the cusp of their first Super Bowl in 2019. Now Mahomes will appear in his third Super Bowl and be the favorite to win MVP after another 10+ win season.

It’s rare when a player comes into the league and sees instant success but also is at the same MVP level year after year. In only his fifth year starting, Mahomes is a Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP, an NFL MVP, five-time Pro Bowler and two-time First-Team All-Pro. There is little to show Mahomes and the Chiefs will slow down as he’ll continues to add to his accolades and stats each season. Even when his mobility slows down, Mahomes showed this postseason he can become a pocket passer and still be the best quarterback in the league.

During the 2022 offseason, the Chiefs traded their leading wide receiver Tyreek Hill and the offense didn’t slow down as Kansas City still had one of the best 2022 offenses. This is thanks to the Chiefs front office, which continues to sign and draft around Mahomes, even after they’ve lost offensive weapons. Having a phenom at quarterback, a Hall of Famer at head coach and a front office always making the right move makes Kansas City a threat for years to come.

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