Kyle Schwarber – Home Run Happy

Brad Mills – USA TODAY Sports

It took Washington Nationals power hitter Kyle Schwarber to get going this season. He has made up for his sluggish start with an absurd June.

Prior to June 12, Schwarber only had nine home runs. At the end of the month he now has 25, the fourth most in the MLB. The amount of history that he made in that span is unfathomable.

He has homered in 10 of his last 19 games. That is 16 home runs in 10 games. To achieve that incredible number he had five multi-homer games. Two of those games came in back-to-back games. To make it even crazier, one of those games a three home run performance.

From June 20th through the 29th, he hit 12 home runs. He became only the second player in history (Albert Belle in 1995) to hit 12 homers in a 10 game span. He also had 15 homers in a 17 game span which is the shortest time span in history.

To continue on the topic of history, he set an MLB record with 16 homers in 75 plate appearances. The previous record was 15 homers which was held by Sammy Sosa (1998), Mark McGwire (1999) and Barry Bonds (2001).

To add to the wildness, Schwarber has only been hitting in the leadoff spot since June 8th and he has hit seven leadoff homers, the most in baseball. This tied for the most homers in any month in history. The only other player to hit seven in a month was Alfonso Soriano in September 2007.

If all of that is not enough, he has the most homers in any month for a Nationals hitter ever.

It is great when a player performs so well and the team as a whole feeds off it and starts winning. On June 11th, the Nationals were shutout pushing their record down to a rough 25-34, sitting dead last in the National League East. Since Schwarber started raking the Nationals have gone 15-4 and moved into second place in the NL East, only two games out of first.

Kyle Schwarber is on an absolute tear and he does not shown signs of slowing down. He is skipping the home run derby in July and his reasoning is most likely so he can hit those homers throughout the entire month of July.

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