Los Angeles Lakers Won’t Pursue Kyrie Irving In Free Agency

Lakers free agency
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The Los Angles Lakers will not be pursuing superstar guard Kyrie Irving this off-season in free agency. Ever since Irving and LeBron James played together for the Cleveland Cavaliers fans have wanted a reunion. The Lakers’ free agency period for this upcoming off-season should be very interesting. Many have speculated that the Lakers would try and pair Irving and James again. As a result of recent trade deadline acquisitions for the Lakers, they may be out fully on Irving.

Post Deadline Roster

The Lakers superstar James recently returned to the lineup after a foot injury. During his absence, the Lakers’ new supporting cast has played extremely well together. The post-deadline trade moves have really sparked a fire on the court for this team. Important to realize that these trades were made so that the Lakers could have more shooting around James and get back to an effective defensive game. With the reunion of D’Angelo Russell, he has been the playmaker opposite of James this team needs. The transition with Russell has gone so well that the Lakers’ front office wants him long-term and it may keep them out of the Irving sweepstakes.

Front Office Pleased With Current Roster

In a recent podcast interview Atheltic’s Jovan Buha stated that “the Lakers are pleased with the current roster, this group has meshed well together. ” Buha goes on to say “this is the best chemistry and just vibes I’ve seen around the team. As for the Lakers’ free agency, they won’t pursue Irving this off-season. The Kyrie ship has sailed. Things could change however as of now, they will not. As well as the team would like to see how this group ends the regular season. If they make the playoffs the front office wants to see how this group plays together when it matters most.” (CBS sports.com)

The Lakers Tried Acquiring Kyrie Irving In February

The Lakers tried to acquire Irving from the Brooklyn Nets in February. At the time the Lakers offered Russell Westbrook and two future first-round picks. For the Nets that offer was not enough and shortly after Irving was then dealt to the Dallas Mavericks. Following the rejected trade proposal the Lakers then acquired their current roster.

Lakers Free Agency

Irving will become a free agent in July and many teams could line up to sign the superstar guard. As for the Lakers’ free agency, they could create 30 million in cap space to sign Irving. However, with the potential 30 million to be created that still would not be enough to accommodate the potential 47 million dollar salary Irving is eligible for. In particular, there would be great detail on how the Lakers could go about acquiring Irving. In reality, signing him would require the Lakers to relinquish all upcoming free agents. As well as they would have to waive all non-guaranteed contracts. With the hoops, the team would have to go through it might be a hard sell. However, crazier things have happened in order to sign a major player.

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