Lamar Jackson Noncommital About Vaccine

Lamar Jackson
Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson addressing the Media. Photograph-Julio Cortez/AP

Lamar Jackson returned to training camp Monday after his second COVID positive test. But, in his media session on, Monday Jackson is still noncommittal to taking the COVID Vaccine. Jackson, in his conference, stated he is willing to learn about the vaccine,

“I’ve got to talk to my team doctors, try to see how they feel about it, keep learning as much as I can about it,”

Lamar Jackson

Jackson cited the decision as personal between his family and himself,

“I feel it’s a personal decision. I’m just going to worry about that with my family, keep my feelings to my family and myself. I’m focused on getting better right now. I can’t dwell on that right now, how everybody else feels. I’m just trying to get back in a great routine.”

Lamar Jackson

Maryland’s Governor Larry Hogan has also addressed Jackson’s vaccine hesitancy,

“Lamar’s gotta get — you know, I’ll tell you what, with the rules the NFL put down, I can’t imagine a team wanting to forfeit a game and lose a chance at the playoffs and none of the players getting paid because somebody won’t get a vaccine”

Larry Hogan Governor of the State of Maryland

Impact on Lamar Jackson’s Vaccine Status

However, Jackson’s behavior on the vaccine could place the Ravens in a tough situation if he is not vaccinated. So, the Ravens will potentially have to prepare two quarterbacks if Jackson does not have the vaccine at the start of the season. But, the exact options at quarterback are not the best for the Ravens with Tyler Huntley and Trace McSorley.

Huntley and McSorley do not have much starting experience in the NFL. So the Ravens best option at this point is to sign a veteran free-agent quarterback. At the moment, this is the best option since Huntley and McSorley are not proven at the position. However, if one dazzles in the preseason, they can potentially start if Jackson gets COVID again.

Also, with the Ravens being in a difficult division in the AFC North, not having their starting quarterback will be costly to any chance of going to the playoffs.

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