Miami Holds Off Buffalo

Dolphins and Bills

Without using any expletives, I do not know how I can convey effectively that this game had playoff implications and was a must-watch. This outing had everything fans could hope for: drama, action, and was good until the last second. Miami held off the Bills, but it certainly wasn’t from a lack of trying by Buffalo. The Dolphins are proving they are, in fact, the real deal by beating the Bills 21-19 this past Sunday. Barring any astounding games from Sunday or Monday night, then this will most certainly be the game critics everywhere will be talking about for the week.

To give you an idea of how insanely close this game was, look at this video of Ken Dorsey, Bills’ Offensive Coordinator:

Miami Survived

Firstly, the game was a slugfest for both teams, as they each had their own slew of injuries to overcome. Most notably, Tua Tagoviola was wobbling after taking a hard fall:

The injury itself has actually warranted an investigation from the NFLPA handling the concussion inspection, but the team asserts that a back injury is what caused the young QB to wobble on his way back to the huddle. Teddy Bridgewater replaced Tua briefly, who came back in the game shortly after his exit.

Buffalo Moved The Ball, But Miami Scored

In a startling turn of events, the stat sheet from this game looks like a decisive win for the Bills. Interestingly enough, the Bills ran nearly 90 plays of offense and Josh Allen threw for 400 yards and two touchdowns. Tua, on the other hand, posted 186 yards and a single touchdown toss. It came down to their rushing attack for Miami: Chase Edmonds led the backfield with two scores. Additionally, the defense proved they are a formidable foe, as they racked up four sacks on Josh Allen. Their strategy of bending, but not braking paid off in the end as Miami survived a close game down the stretch. The Dolphins didn’t have the lead until the fourth quarter.

Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo Bills Rematch

As I said before, the ending to this game was probably the cause of heart attacks around the nation. While I don’t have any direct evidence to support that claim, I think you get the point, dear reader. If this is how these two titans will square up in their first encounter, then the NFL should buckle up for round two. Alert the media, and call the national guard, they are gonna need all the help in Buffalo, as Miami will travel upstate for their next meeting.

In conclusion, not only am I excited for this rematch, I worry for the city of Buffalo as a new rivalry was born this past Sunday. I think I speak for fans everywhere when I say that this game should be aired on prime-time television.

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