Michigan/Michigan State Post-Game Fight

Michigan Post game fight
Photo Credits: Chicago Tribune

Saturday night’s sports offerings were unbeatable, ranging from the World Series to college football primetime games. However, players for Michigan university were asked to do double time as athletes on the football team and as amateur boxers. The Michigan Wolverines stomped their Big 10 neighbors of Michigan State, 29-7. But, the game added more fuel to the rivalry’s fire, as two altercations between Spartans against a Wolverine were recorded. After the clock expired, a humiliating loss on the field left some frustration to boil over in the stadium tunnels. Two lone Michigan Wolverines were involved in a post-game fight with the Spartans in the tunnels of the stadium after the game.

And the second incident is as follows:

At the moment, there is no official word from both universities as an investigation has been opened by both university’s police departments. When speaking to the media in the post-game aftermath, U-M Athletic Director Warde Manuel stated

[T]he police are looking into it, and it’s because they’ve seen the video.

Warde Manuel via Detroit Free Press

Michigan Post-Game Fight Aftermath

So, the Spartans lost 29-7 and then there are not one, but two separate videos of them appearing to be the bullies. A rivalry in college football is always enjoyable for schools to partake in. However, this was a line that was not only crossed but obliterated. Even if two lone Wolverine players started barking at their beaten opponents, that is not an invitation for squads of Spartans to lay their hands on an outnumbered foe. There were sixty minutes of eligible time to impose physical frustrations on the opposing team and yet, they waited until after the clock expired to enact their revenge. Perhaps this is why the results on the field were much to the Spartans’ chagrin.

Both the head coach of Michigan and its athletic director have publicly condemned the actions. Additionally, the Big 10 conference is investigating the issue as well. Suspiciously, this is the second week in a row that Michigan players have been involved in a tunnel altercation. Once again, while it is certainly suspected of Michigan’s behavior, there is still no excuse for the violence recorded. Should the investigation find that Big Blue was to blame, then punishment should be enacted accordingly. Until then, we shall await the findings of the investigation and hope that these acts do not spread across the NCAA.

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