Mike Trout’s Rare Back Condition

LA Angels Mike Trout; Photo Credit LA Times (Lynne Sladky / Associated Press)

Los Angeles Angels all-star Mike Trout has been diagnosed with a rare back condition. A costovertebral dysfunction at T5 will likely affect him for the rest of his career.

According to ESPN, Los Angeles Angels athletic trainer Mike Frostad said on Wednesday, “The doctor (Robert Watkins III), who is one of the most well-known spine surgeons in the country – if not the world -doesn’t see a lot of these…”

“And for it to happen in a baseball player – we just have to take into consideration what he puts himself through with hitting, swinging on a daily basis just to get prepared, and then also playing in the outfield, diving for balls, jumping into the wall – things like that. There’s so many things that can aggravate it.”

After leaving a game against Houston on July 12 with back spasms, Trout was diagnosed with rib cage inflammation a week later. In addition to withdrawing from the All-Star Game, he underwent a cortisone shot last week but remains sidelined from training until next week.

“I appreciate all the prayer requests, but my career isn’t over… I feel good where it’s at right now. Every day it’s improving. And I feel really good. I felt really good today,” said the all-star.

Trout’s return to play is unclear. On Sunday, he will see his back specialist, Dr. Robert Watkins. He has not begun baseball activities but is doing a core stability program and cardio work. To manage the condition, Trout acknowledges that he will have to “stay on top of a routine” this season.

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