Mike Tyson Beats Up Flight Passenger!

Mike Tyson Photo Credit: TalkSport

Mike Tyson Beats Up Flight Passenger, punching him in the face on video. The man in question was constantly trying to annoy Mike Tyson. His partner even used the N-Word, “Never should have given these … money.” A reference to a Dave Chappelle skit where Chappelle was dressed as Rick James, kicking Eddie Murphy’s couch, shouting the same phrase.

Sources close to Mike Tyson, said the passenger was extremely intoxicated. This is freaking Mike Tyson, that’s some serious liquid courage there. This writer would search him for alcohol known as Maddog 2020 if he could…

The passenger, whose name is not released as of yet, showed his face after being punched, and had marks on the side of his head. It seems likely to me that Mike Tyson was holding back. Even at his age, Mike Tyson could probably kill a man with his punch. There was a fight once where Mike Tyson knocked out his opponent with the first shot in the first round of the fight. Seriously, someone should have got this fool and saved him from a beat down.

Mike Tyson is considered one of the greatest boxers in the history of the sport. Controversy spread across his entire career, including a rape conviction, and the infamous event where Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield’s ears. Mike Tyson is also one of the few men in the sport of boxing to regain a Heavyweight Championship after losing it.  

Mike Tyson also appeared in Pro Wrestling, on WrestleMania 14. At the event, he acted as Special Enforcer in the Steve Austin vs Shawn Michaels WWE Title bout. After another referee was knocked out of the fight, Mike Tyson came in and made the three count, and then after the match, he punched out Shawn Michaels. It’s unknown if Mike Tyson will face charges or not. Mike Tyson’s came will probably argue that the unruly passenger was trying to provoke a fight. Either way, this writer would never try to provoke one of the most famous boxers in the world. Just saying.

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