Milwaukee Bucks Will Aggressively Pursue Monty Williams

Milwaukee Bucks Pursuing Monty Williams
Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images

After a shocking move by the Phoenix Suns to fire Monty Williams, the Milwaukee Bucks are ready to take advantage of the opportunity and aggressively pursue him. Williams is an accomplished head coach with a proven track record of success. He was the 2022 Coach of The Year, and led the Suns to the finals in 2021.

Williams’ firing comes after a slew of bad moves to set up the team for success. New owner, Matt Ishbia , has already made bold statements regarding the franchise’s desire to pursue top talent and secure a championship. He brought in Kevin Durant at the trade deadline in hopes to spark a playoff run. However, the move failed to produce the desired results.

The Suns were defeated in another frustrating blowout playoff exit, leading to Williams’ unexpected firing. Although, he can’t be blamed for the losses soley. Injuries and a lack of depth plagued the team. As a result, Williams becomes an attractive option for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Why Monty Williams is the Perfect Fit for Milwaukee

Despite the best record in the NBA, the Bucks were bounced in the first round by the eighth-seeded Miami Heat. It was a disappointing loss that left the team with plenty of questions to answer. The front office immediately responded by firing coach Mike Budenholzer. This signaled the team’s willingness to make bold moves in pursuit of a championship.

Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that the Milwaukee Bucks view Monty Williams as an ideal candidate to lead their team. Monty Williams’ highly accomplished coaching career, combined with his recent success leading the Phoenix Suns to the NBA finals in 2021, make him the perfect candidate for the Bucks’ head coaching job.

Moreover, Williams’ success with developing young players like Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton is an attractive quality as the Bucks look to the future. Giannis Antetokounmpo is only 28 years old, and there is still plenty of time to reach his peak. With Williams leading the charge, it’s easy to imagine Antetokounmpo and the rest of the Bucks becoming a dominant force in the league. A few roster moves in the summer, combined with Williams’ coaching expertise, could be the difference that takes the Bucks to the next level.

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