MJF and his Feud with Tony Khan

MJF and his feud with Tony Khan Photo Credit: AEW

MJF and his Feud with Tony Khan have taken the wrestling world by storm. Everyone’s talking about it, even ignoring that CM Punk is now the AEW World champion. On Dynamite, MJF cut a blistering promo that attacked the fans, the boys in the back, and Tony Khan himself. MJF cussed directly into the camera and told Tony Khan to fire him.

MJF is seen as one of the four pillars of AEW but is also the one that has no title history in AEW. MJF’s storyline appears likely to contain real heat with Tony Khan. MJF is only making 40K to 70K and is a top featured wrestler in AEW. Yet ex-WWE guys are joining AEW with quarter-million and half million paydays. It seems that MJF is very upset about this in real life.

Historically in other promotions, when a wrestler gets over in a huge way… the company they work for usually gets them a bump in pay. But AEW has not done this, instead, he’s still on the starter contract. So, you’ve got a top-tier wrestler who is one of the best draws in that company, who at minimum is making the equivalent of 20$ an hour in the retail industry.

Meanwhile, on WWE, Dolph Ziggler who is a star but not a top star makes more than a million dollars per year on his contract with WWE. I think I understand why MJF is both upset with Tony Khan and is looking towards WWE at the end of his contract. All of this assumes that this isn’t a work. It was widely reported that he walked out of Double or Nothing and booked a plane to go home. But then he was on Double or Nothing and got destroyed by Wardlow. It’s hard to guess for sure. It’s this writer’s opinion that this is a work, but one with some real feelings in it. If it’s not a work, this is really bad for AEW.

Is MJF’s storyline just that… a storyline? Or does he really want out of his AEW contract and AEW is allowing this to play out on screen? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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