MLB Settles Minimum Wage Lawsuit for Minor Leaguers

Minor League Baseball; Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball announced that minor league players had settled a complaint about “poverty” salaries, avoiding a costly trial that may have harmed the league’s reputation. Documents in the case Senne vs. the Commissioner’s Office, pending in the Northern District of California, and the terms of the agreement, were not shown. How much money the players will make from the settlements may be a problem. Also, if they’ll be earning some other type of relief. 

In a court filing on Tuesday, lawyers for both sides in the long-running dispute spoke. They struck a potential settlement but they have until July 11 to come to an agreement.

“We are pleased to report that the parties have reached a settlement in principle in this over eight-year-old case, subject to court approval,” lawyers for the players said in a statement, according to ESPN. “We look forward to filing preliminary approval papers with the court and cannot comment further until then.”

Minor League Case

First baseman/outfielder Aaron Senne, a 2009 Marlins 10th-round pick who retired in 2013, and two other former players who were lower-round picks filed the suit, Kansas City infielder Michael Liberto and San Francisco pitcher Oliver Odle.  They estimated to be 50 to 60 hours; they alleged violations of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and state minimum wage and overtime laws.

As stated by an Associated Press examination of baseball contracts, the average yearly income of MLB players is more than $4 million. The minimum wage is $700,000. According to Advocates for Minor Leaguers, minor league players earn between $4,800 and $15,400 per year.

Last month’s minor leaguers won rulings. They chose to recognize players as employees, so most of their claims will continue. According to a judge, MLB also owes $1.9 million to minor league players for violating California’s salary statement laws.

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