Must See NFL Games of Week 4

Week 4
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With another week of NFL around the corner, there are another week of fun games. There is even a game in London this week, as the Viking take on the Saints. Besides that game that starts at 9:30 am Eastern Sunday morning, there are a few more matchups that are must see for the NFL week 4.

Dolphins at Bengals

Assuming Tua Tagovailoa plays, this is a great battle for two young Qbs to start the week 4 slate. The Bengals are coming off a much needed win against the Jets. As for the Dolphins, they just had a massive win against the Bills in a game where all stats said they should have lost. The Bengals need this win badly as well after a rough start to the season. This could be a potential let down spot for the Dolphins, as after the big win last week. If Tua plays, this will be a great game to watch as two good AFC teams battle it out.

Titans at Colts

This is a division game where the winner could find themselves second in the division fighting for first, depending on what happens in the Jaguars game. After huge wins for both teams last week, this is a good spot for either team to capitalize and get the momentum going. Both sides need the win badly, so it hopefully will be a fun divisional battle.

Jaguars at Eagles

The Eagles look like a well rounded team and are one of two undefeated teams left. The Eagles have put on a good show on both sides of the ball. The Jaguars come off two huge blowout wins over the Colts and the Chargers in back to back weeks. This is a good game to see how legit the Jaguars are. This is also a game where two fun outcomes could come from it. We could be talking about how great the Jaguars could be this season and how they were almost 4-0. Or, we could be talking about how good the Eagles continue to look, and how they could be a potential Super Bowl team.

Jets at Steelers

While this game probably won’t be the best to watch out of all of them, this is the potential first time we will get to see Zach Wilson. It was announced that he is back and should start if all goes well. For the Steelers, this is a must win game. After the offense was a tough show last week, it has to be better this week. If there is another bad showing for the O, look for it to get very loud behind the firing Matt Canada or starting Kenny Pickett.

Bills at Ravens

The Bills had a really tough loss against the Dolphins last week. After the shocking defeat last week for the Bills, they turn around and face another really good opponent. As for the Ravens, Lamar is looking like he should get paid. He had another really good game against the Patriots last week in a winning effort. This game is a huge AFC game with two young and very talented quarterbacks. This game could potentially have one seed implications later down the road, so this is a must see game.

Broncos at Raiders

After an awful offensive showing for the Broncos in Sunday Night Football, they travel to Las Vegas. Not only is this a divisional battle, but both teams really need this game. The Raiders need this win really bad, as their season has been off to an awful start. With a good roster, an 0-3 start is shocking for this team. They need this win in a bad way at home. It’s weird to say this for a 2-1 team, but the Broncos need this win as well. Their offense has been awful, and has only two touchdowns on the year. The winner of this game will get a much needed divisional win. For the Raiders, they just need a win. For the Broncos, they really need some offense.

Chiefs at Bucs

For the Sunday night game of the week 4 slate , we will see the Chiefs take on the Bucs. With the Hurricane scare as of 9/28, there is no idea if the game will be moved. As for last week, it was two really rough losses for both of these teams. Coming into the night matchup, both of these offenses need to step up. The Chiefs have looked good, but they are playing one of the best defenses in football. As for the Bucs, their O has been not the best and not scoring too much. When it comes to this game, this could be one of if not the last Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes will play each other. This should be a fun battle of two really good football teams.

Rams at 49ers

As for the Monday night game and final game of the week 4 slate, the Rams will take on the 49ers. With the offense of the 49ers looking so bad last week, this is a much needed game to step it up. They play a good defense so it will be interesting to see how Jimmy Garoppolo does this week. As for the Rams, they have been winning but the offense has looked inconsistent. In this game against a really good defense as well, it will be fun to see if they can put some drives together. This should be a fun divisional battle to end the week. The Rams need the win to keep the momentum rolling. The 49ers need the win after a rough performance last week.

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