Tom Brady For MVP

Tom Brady mvp
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Tom Brady won’t win the 2021 MVP award, but he has definitely been the best player this season. There are a few players worthy of MVP consideration. Cooper Kupp is coming off the greatest year ever for a wide receiver. Johnathan Taylor led the NFL in rushing yards and touchdowns. While those players had great seasons, neither of the two are as valuable as a top quarterback. So that means the MVP will come down to Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady. Aaron Rodgers will be named MVP most likely. While, he did have an amazing season, being super efficient, and carrying the Packers to the #1 seed. Tom Brady has been just slightly more valuable.

Tom Brady-MVP Level Numbers

To win MVP, you got to have the numbers to back it up, Tom Brady does so. Brady threw the ball all over NFL defenses. Leading the NFL in passing yards with over 5300 yards, 300 more than anyone else. Brady also led the NFL in total touchdowns with 45 and he didn’t just throw it short, as he led the NFL in completions over 15 yards. Tom Brady finished this year as PFF highest graded QB at 92.0 after also being 2nd in total QBR (quarterback rating) and 2nd in total EPA (estimated points added).

Value to The Buccaneers

MVP is for the most valuable player, no one has been more important to their team than Tom Brady. When the Buccaneers lost Chris Godwin, Leonard Fournette, and 3 defensive starters to injury. Brady led the Buccaneers to 3 straight wins to finish out the regular season at 13-4. Even after the Antonio Brown situation, where Brown quit on the team against the Jets while trailing two touchdowns. Brady still came away with a late comeback win. Brady has the numbers and the eye test to show how valuable he truly is. Finally, the most telling number of them all, Brady led the NFL in WAR (wins above replacement.) with 4.7. This is why Tom Brady is undoubtably the most valuable player in the NFL from the 2021 season.

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