Myles Turner Weighs In On Lakers Rumor

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Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruzkowski USA Today

Every day, there’s a new rumor circulating in the NBA regarding one team or another. Earlier today, Myles Turner was a guest on Adrian Wojnarowski’s podcast “The Woj Pod.” He weighed in on the possibility of a trade that would send him to the Lakers in exchange for their coveted first-round draft picks. This would undoubtedly benefit both players and teams if appropriately executed. However, it’s important to note that things can always change over the next few days.

Adrian asked Myles how he felt about the possibility of being traded. The 26-year old Center stated the Lakers should take a hard look at what he brings to a team on offense and defense. In Lieu of tampering fines, Turner steered clear of any guarantees but subtly made it clear that he’d be more than willing to bring his game to the Lakers if the rumors of a trade are true. The two teams had previously discussed trade scenarios centered around Russell Westbrook and two first-round picks in exchange for Turner and Buddy Hield. Trade talks stalled out over the summer after several deals fell through.

Would Myles Turner be a good fit for the Lakers?

On paper, Myles Turner addresses two of the team’s needs. He adds depth at the Center position and bolsters the team’s roster with a young player with significant upside. His ability to score from multiple spots on the floor makes him a threat from anywhere on the court. His energy and versatility make him a perfect fit in the fast-paced offense the Lakers like to run. He could also allow Anthony Davis to play at his preferred position at the 4-spot, which would likely help the team win more games and improve their overall record.

His defensive abilities also fit into Darvin Ham‘s vision for the team. Turner is an elite shot blocker who can neutralize the opposing team’s best offensive threat at the rim. Acquiring Turner alone won’t make the Lakers a championship contender, but he could definitely help improve the team’s overall depth and help them compete for a playoff spot this season.

Should the Lakers pursue this trade?

With LeBron James signing an extension, the team has clearly committed itself to win now rather than building for the future. They are likely to be major players in free agency next summer, which should allow them to sign some of the top-tier free agents on the market. By acquiring a young talent like Turner, they can continue to build their roster while also improving their chances of success in the short term.

There are clearly two schools of thought regarding the future of the Los Angeles Lakers franchise. One group of fans believes that they should be patient and wait for the stars to align so they can build a team around LeBron that can compete at the highest level and win championships. The other group believes they should get rid of the picks they hoard. If the Lakers are able to acquire Turner without giving up both picks, it could prove to be a very smart move on their part.

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