NBA Playoffs, Game 5 preview: Bucks vs Nets

The Milwaukee Bucks vs the Brooklyn Nets series has taken a complete 180.

After the first two games in Brooklyn, even without their star, James Harden, the Nets looked unstoppable. 

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving seemed to do no wrong. Durant averaged 25.5 points per game and Irving averaged 23.5 

But it wasn’t just their stars, the Nets got solid play from their role players. 

While the Nets were clicking on all angles, the Milwaukee Bucks looked shaky. 

Their star and former two-time MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo, played well, but the rest of his team, did not.

This was especially true for Khris Middleton, whose shooting was horrific. After the first two games in Brooklyn, Middleton was shooting 30%.

Once the series shifted to Milwaukee, Middleton found his groove. In the two home games, Middleton shot 48% from the floor.

In game three, it was a defensive throwback to the nineties, where the Bucks pulled out an 86-83 victory.

In game four, things changed drastically in favor for the Bucks. Kyrie Irving went down with an ankle sprain in the second quarter. 

Irving has been ruled out for tonight’s game and Nets head coach Steve Nash said “no idea” in regards if Irving will return to this series.

It’s just been reported that Nets star James Harden has been officially ruled out for tonight’s game five as well.

So, the question is, will Kevin Durant be able to save the Nets playoffs hopes? Or will the Nets fate be the same as the Knicks, leaving New York in another playoff basketball disappointment?

Will the Milwaukee Bucks finally snap their playoff failures from years past and make it back to the conference finals?

Find out tonight at 8:30 PM Eastern Standard Time as the Milwaukee Bucks travel to Brooklyn to face the Nets!

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