NBA Referee Eric Lewis Retires amid Investigation

Longtime NBA Referee, Eric Lewis, is retiring effective immediately following an investigation into a burner account on Twitter. Due to the retirement, the league will be ending the investigation.

“This Eric Lewis [s–t] true???” James tweeted, along with an eyebrow-raising emoji.

James has a history with Lewis on the court.

The four-time NBA champion took issue with a crucial non-foul call by Lewis during an eventual overtime loss to the Celtics on Jan. 28. Patrick Beverley later got fouled for bringing a camera out on the floor to show the foul.

Prior to the NBA Finals, some now-deleted tweets were revealed by a pair of then-Twitter users that appeared to show a referee defending himself and other officials against critiques of their work. The league opened an investigation into whether Lewis violated NBA rules by speaking about officiating in an unauthorized manner. It had not been determined whether Lewis was using the account, which used the name “blair cuttliff.”

While the League continued, said investigation, Lewis was not selected to officiate the 2023 NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets. The four seasons before, he had been chosen.

Over the course of a 19-year career, Eric Lewis has worked more than 1,200 games, counting the regular season and the playoff. The last game that he worked was May 16, when Denver played host to the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals. Reports of the tweets and twitter account came out a week later.

The account, which was opened in 2015, had zero followers eight years later.

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