NBA Trick or Treat: James Harden Won’t Help Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers officially traded for James Harden late Monday Night. It’s an interesting trade to say the least. Not interesting in a good way either. The entire deal is surrounded around veterans. Not many young players were involved, KJ Martin and Filip Petrusev. Thats it. There weren’t many picks involved either. I called that the 76ers wouldn’t get as much as the Lillard package.

There are four main reasons why this deal won’t help in the long run…

No guarantees that James Harden stays with Clippers

This is the fourth team that Harden has been on in three years. He’s going to be a free agent after this season. If the Clippers don’t offer him enough money or he decides that it isn’t going to work with the group of stars, what stops him from leaving?

Who receives the ball less?

The Russ Revival has been on in Los Angeles. Russell Westbrook has found ways to fit in after struggling the past couple of seasons. He’s shooting 71 percent from within five feet from the basket. Both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are elite scorers who can create their own shots. The Clippers have relied heavily on the pair to lead the team offensively as long as both are healthy.

Double Negatives don’t yield a Positive in the Postseason

For several years, the Clippers have flared out when it comes to the postseason. Whether it be because of injury or simply just a collapse. James Harden does not help that, in fact he’s collapsed and struggled in the postseason many times before.

There’s going to be some chaos

One star can help get your team to the postseason. Two can get you close to a championship. With three, you have that a Big Three. Some would say its easier to win with more stars. How much chaos will James Harden cause for the Clippers? He’s used to being the main guy. Coming in he has to understand that this isn’t his team. Is that something that Harden can accept? We definitely haven’t seen that before.

The Clippers will still play Philly twice this season (both games at the end of march) so we’ll see who won this trade by then.

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