New Orleans Saints 2021-2022 Preview

Saints by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

The end of an era. All the good times, all the hard times. Brees is gone. Was it time? Yes it was. But does it mean a step backwards this season? maybe. Just how good can this team be in their first season without Brees under center? Let’s take a look.

Offseason Preparation

Other than Brees retiring, there has not been much going on in the Saints organization. They released a bunch of dudes like Kwon Alexander, Emmanuel Sanders, and Janoris Jenkins. Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill will probably be battling it out for the starting spot, but last I heard, Hill was in the lead. I think that the Saints are better to go with Winston, as he can sling the ball and should make better decisions after working with Brees and HC Sean Payton for a couple years. No big names were selected in the draft but that does not mean they can’t be contributors.

Season Prediction

With the step back I mentioned earlier, I only meant by a couple of games. The Bucs are returning every single one of their starters after winning the Super Bowl, so I am sure those games will not end up like they did last season. I think it will take a couple of weeks for whoever the starting QB is to get comfortable, but that shouldn’t affect the team that much with the superstar in Alvin Kamara, and the star in Michael Thomas. The defense will continue to do their thing and play amazing. But I do not think it will be enough to beat the Bucs for first in the NFC South. I have them finishing second with a record of 11-6, enough to take the 6th seed in the playoffs.

Team Awards

MVP: Alvin Kamara – When you have a superstar of Kamara’s caliber, he should be the focal point of your offense, especially now that Brees is gone. Continue to let him be the dual threat that he is and he will carry the team on his back.

OPOY: Jameis Winston – I do think Winston will become the starter eventually and will perform well. It is just a matter of when he will get the starting spot.

DPOY: Marshon Lattimore – Arguably a top 5 CB in the league last season for the Saints, I think he will continue to be great and lock down the opposing starting WR.

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