NFC North 2021-2022 Preview

NFC North
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Last season for the NFC North saw one of the games best put on a show all season long and win league MVP, saw a struggling team continue to struggle, a team who has been on the cusp of greatness fall back a little, an even saw a team continue a legacy of mediocracy. I won’t name names for those teams, but I think we all know which they were. Never-mind that, though, we are on to a new season with new players and new uncertainties, that really leave things up in the air for the whole division. Let’s take a look.

Green Bay Packers

Who is going to be your starting QB come week one? One day we think Aaron Rodgers is going to stay and make things work, but then the next day we think he is going to jump ship and go hang out in Denver, which is honestly a massive downgrade. Let’s just assume he is going to play where he is under contract. Packers fans, you can be excited because I don’t think any of the teams are ready to truly contend for first place in the division yet, but don’t overlook the teams. I can see a lot of hard, close, well-fought games ahead. Davante Adams will be spectacular like usual, earning himself the title of team OPOY, and I think that Robert Tonyan will prove to be a very valuable asset to Rodgers especially in the red zone, just like last season. On the defensive side of the ball, I am still a little suspect of a few spots but Jaire Alexander will be lockdown again and will be your teams DPOY. Obviously, Rodgers will be the teams MVP and who knows, maybe he will repeat as league MVP. I see the Packers finishing first in the division with a record of 16-1, give or take a few games. This will be enough to secure the 2nd seed in the NFC.

Minnesota Vikings

Let’s be honest. Kirk cousins is not the answer. He has too much of a hard time showing up in big games and moments consistently. Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson, along with Dalvin Cook and Irv Smith Jr. will help make up for it a lot, and you guys will win a few games, but I don’t see it being enough to compete with the Pack. I honestly don’t think it will be enough to overtake the Bears. What needs to happen is you need to invest in a quality QB that can show up in big games. Until then, I don’t see the defense being able to hold most teams, which spells a 3-14 record for you guys this season, 3rd in the division. Cook will be team MVP, Jefferson will be team OPOY, Smith will be team DPOY.

Chicago Bears

Good news, you guys finally have a capable QB. Bad news, he probably wont play for the first few weeks of the season. Justin Fields will be great to pair with Allen Robinson, who is an underrated WR in my personal opinion. The defense will continue to be a quality defense, but there needs to be a tad bit more experience under Fields belt before I think he could dethrone Rodgers. I think you guys will get close to 10 wins, finishing 9-8, but second in the division. Not enough to make the playoffs, I’m afraid. First team out. Robinson will be the team MVP, Fields will probably be team OPOY, and Hicks will probably be team DPOY.

Detroit Lions

I hate to say it, because I love every single Lions fan I met, and you guys are loyal to the extreme. You guys will have to continue to stay loyal, however, because I don’t see how Jared Goff can go from all the weapons and coaching talent he had with the rams, to what the lions have. D’Andre Swift will be good. Penei Sewell will definitely help a lot on the line, but I still see way too many question marks on the roster as a whole, which is why I see you guys finishing last in the division with a record of 3-14. It will be a bridge year, and I think you will make steps toward the right direction towards the end of the season. Keep faith guys, your time to shine will come soon enough. Hockenson will be team MVP, Swift will be team OPOY, and Brockers will be team DPOY.

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