NFL Top 3 Must See Games of Week 8

New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley excelled on Sunday. AP Photo/John Minchillo

Week 7 had some shocking underdog wins and also some interesting gameplay. With the NFL season almost at the midway point, here are a few games that should be intriguing for the NFL week 8 slate.

Honorable Mention: Commanders @ Colts

The sole reason this game is on here is because of Sam Ehlinger. This will be his first start after the sitting of Matt Ryan. Along with that, this is a Ring of Honor game where the anchor Tarik Glenn will be enshrined for the Colts. Tarik Glenn was the LT for the Colts during the Manning era. This should be a game not only with a lot of Colts legends there at the game, this game looks to maybe be the first of many in the Sam Ehlinger era.

3. Ravens @ Buccaneers

This Thursday night game of NFL week 8 sees the Ravens travel to Tampa Bay after a solid win last Sunday against the Browns. Lamar Jackson has not been playing his best ball these last few games however, but the Ravens still have been winning . After what Carolina did on the ground and with how weak the Bucs have been against the tight ends, Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews could have a really good game. When it comes to the Bucs, it might be panic time in Tampa. Brady does not look like himself right now, and the offense for the Bucs can not finish drives. The Bucs still have a chance to win the division however they way the rest of the NFC South has been playing. This would be a huge win for either side, so this will be a huge Thursday night matchup.

2. Cardinals @ Vikings

With Deandre Hopkins back, this Cardinals offense seems to have a bit more life. It was still a bit rusty last Thursday, but even then you could tell that the Cardinals were missing this guy and needed him back. The Cardinals will be coming in off ten days’ rest, while the Vikings are coming in off a bye. This should be a good and exciting game. The Vikings have been playing with fire as of late too, with a lot of their games seeming to be closer than they should be. With the Packers looking as rough as they have been, the Vikings could continue to widen the division lead with a win. The Cardinals division is wide open in the NFC West as well. Both of these teams could use the win here.

1. Giants @ Seahawks

While not many saw this game being a headliner in the NFL week 8 slate at the beginning of the season, both of these teams have been playing some good ball. The Seahawks come in off a huge win against the Chargers. As for the Giants, they come in off a heart stopping win over the Jaguars. The Seahawks need this game to continue to hold the division lead. The NFC West is wide open, so this is a great opportunity for the Seahawks to beat another good team. Geno Smith and Kenneth Walker are playing so well right now for the Hawks as well.

As for the Giants, they are in second place behind the undefeated Eagles. With the Eagles looking so dominant, it might be hard for the rest of the NFC East to keep up in the long run. However as of now, the Giants are only a game back. Daniel Jones has been really solid this season, and Saquon Barkley looks like a monster again. The Giants are just finding ways to win week in and week out regardless of injuries, and the Seahawks are playing some of their best ball. This game should be a great football game to watch on Sunday.

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